Chef Miguel Aguilar brings ceviche to Park Slope.  Trained by Iron Chef Bobby Flay, Chef Miguel developed a passion for the gourmet cuisine of his native Peru. Born in Lima to a family of exceptional cooks – his great grandfather introduced mussels to the Peruvian palate at the end of the 19th century – it is no surprise that Chef Miguel brings the passion, innovation, and artistry of his heritage to his cooking. Complementing fresh ingredients with flavours from around the world, his eclectic yet harmonious cuisine brings a dynamic perspective to classic techniques.

"To be a chef, simply knowing how to cook is not enough. Cuisine, in the conventional way is, of course, about good food but also about sensations, style, ambience and a certain way of serving. It's a direct relationship and interaction with the customer... The experience as a whole is what brings guests back smiling time and again".


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